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Are you being watched? 7 of the best paranoid thrillers of the 1970s

My job requires me to be open to all kinds of movies, but if asked about my favorites I will not hesitate to say the paranoid thrillers of the 1970s.

Two networks. A writers’ strike. COVID-19. Now, ‘Supernatural’ faces one last twist

“Supernatural” has enjoyed 15 years of masked and made-up characters roaming the set, but in the final weeks of production, a different type of mask was on the minds of cast and crew.

Cardi B apologizes for misstep and asks for peace in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

Rapper Cardi B has taken to social media to apologize for promoting a televised virtual fundraiser for Armenia and wished peace to people on both sides of the conflict.

Trump said COVID-19 was ‘Totally Under Control.’ A new documentary unpacks why it wasn’t

The last thing we see in “Totally Under Control” is a title card noting that President Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Chicago’s famed Second City comedy theater is now fully up for sale

In June, in an attempt to take the fall for internal turmoil, Andrew Alexander, the longtime co-owner of Second City, announced plans to remove himself from the famed comedy theater and put his share up for sale.

9 spooky new shows to watch this fall

Spooky season is heading into full swing. Now’s a good time to get in the spirit.

Commentary: As arts across the nation suffer, the Kennedy Center in DC was about to open a nightclub on its roof

Of all the strange and desperate cultural stories to emerge from a pandemic that has sent daggers straight through the heart of the performing arts in America, here is one of the weirdest.

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